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AMSbyNovacel :
the line of defense in the fight against the Coronavirus and other microbes

AntiMicrobial Shield by Novacel

Prevent all surface contact contamination ! Day-to-day protection with AMSbyNovacel.

Reassure the public with long-lasting, continuously effective protection. Secure contact areas with antiviral action that takes just 5 minutes to become effective. Fight viruses, Covid, and other diseases caused by coronaviruses or other harmful microorganisms using an extra protective barrier..

AMSbyNOVACEL is a semi-permanent virucidal spray, specifically designed for the disinfection and protection of living and working spaces.

AMSbyNOVACEL provides continuous antimicrobial action. It inhibits the growth of most types of harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes.

AMSbyNOVACEL guarantees long-lasting and persistent protection for up to 90 days depending on the numbers of people present and surface contact frequency.

Action antiviral et antimicrobienne Antiviral and Antimicrobial action
(see certification)
Action antiviral et antimicrobienne Patent pending
24h24-7j7 Continuous protection 24/7
Suitable for a range of 3D surfaces
(metal, textiles,etc.)
Thin layer (<5µm)
Quick drying
Easily cleaned with non-abrasive products

AMSbyNovacel: French design and manufacture

How does AMSbyNovacel work?

Maximum certified efficiency:

Effectiveness measured according to standard ISO 21702:2019 (antiviral activity on non-porous surfaces) against human coronavirus, HCoV-229E :

Measured antiviral activity:

  • 68.38% in 5 minutes (destruction initiated)
  • 93.69% in 15 minutes
  • 98.74% in 2 hours
  • 99.99% en 24 hours
  • Against SRAS-Cov2 (covid-19), 98.74% in 2 hours

Effectiveness measured according to standard ISO 18184 : 2019 (viral activity on textiles) on human coronavirus, HCoV-229E:

Measured antiviral activity:

  • 94.99% in 15 minutes
  • 99.97% in 2 hours

Effectiveness measured according to ISO 22196:2011 (antibacterial activity on non-porous surfaces):

Measured antibacterial activity:

  • In 24 hours : > 99.99% of S. Aureus
  • In 24 hours : > 99.99% of E. Coli/li>

Report available on request

Put in place health protection effective against CORONAVIRUS and reenergize your business

Our daily lives are changing in the wake of the pandemic. New forms of protections have emerged (masks, hand sanitizer) but are still not enough day-to-day.

  • Protect living and working spaces thanks to anti-Coronavirus action
  • Help the public, staff and customers regain confidence
  • Protect 3D surfaces easily
  • Kill bacteria can also reduce unpleasant smells
  • Reduce usage of disinfectants harmful to surfaces
  • AMSbyNovacel is suitable for indoor environments
  • Continuously effective against microbes and viruses, including human coronavirus.
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, textiles, and more)
  • Withstands cleaning with mild products (such as soapy water)

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Is the product effective against Coronavirus?

The antiviral activity of AMSbyNOVACEL has been tested according to standards ISO 21702: 2019 and 18184: 2019 against the 229E strain of human coronavirus (HCoV-229). This virus belongs to the same family of coronaviruses as Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and AMSbyNovacel shows effective action from 5 minutes against the coronavirus.

AHave you passed the NF 14476 standard for disinfectants?

AMSbyNovacel is not a liquid surface disinfectant. It is applied as a liquid solution but the final active product is a coating, like a varnish. It is semi-permanent and remains continuously effective. Standard NF 14476 is therefore not appropriate. This is why we have followed other standards such as ISO 21702 which measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

How is it possible to check that the product is still effective?

As long as the active agents are present, they will be active and effective against microbes (even in small amounts).

How is it possible to check that the product is still present on the surface?

Using special equipment, it is possible to detect the presence of a tracer bound to the active agent, which in no way changes the effectiveness of the product.

How long does the product stay on the surface?

It depends on how frequent contacts are with the surface. AMSbyNovacel will stay for at least 3 months on surfaces that are touched infrequently and it can be cleaned with mild products.

Does the product change the appearance of the surface?

AMSbyNovacel is clear. In most cases, it does not change the appearance of the surface. The solution is visible only on smooth, shiny surfaces (such as stainless steel or glass).

Have you done abrasion tests?

Yes, AMSbyNovacel has been tested at the "Laboratoire Textile du Cambrésis" which carried out up to 2,000 cycles of the Martindale rub test using abrasive wool under 12KPa (x2) on stainless steel and polycarbonate surfaces. The resulting surfaces still show the presence of product on the surface.

Is the product toxic/dangerous?

No, the product is not toxic, either for humans or the environment.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008 and its adaptations, the solution presents no risk for the environment.

In accordance with directives 67/548 / EEC, 1999/45 / EC and their adaptations, the solution presents no risk for health.

In accordance with directive 2002/72/EC - Regulatory Commission (EU) No. 10/2011, the active ingredient is approved for “food contact”

A dermatological test carried out according to OECD 439 guideline - "Evaluation of the skin irritant potential of a test element by topical application on human epidermis reconstructed in vitro - EPISKIN model" shows that AMSbyNovacel is not irritating to the skin.

Is the product hazardous for children?

AMSbyNovacel is not hazardous for humans and the active agent is approved for "food contact" (see above at "Is the product toxic?"). It is therefore not hazardous for children.

Is the product's action against viruses and bacteria immediate?

AMSbyNovacel becomes effective very rapidly. Tests after 5 minutes show that the anti-viral action has commenced. In addition, in the protocol of the ISO 21702:2019 standard, the quantity of virus placed on the surface is disproportionately greater than in real life. The amount deposited is equivalent to 40 million highly contagious sneezes.

Is AMSbyNovacel a substitute for regular cleaning?

No, AMSbyNovacel will protect product surfaces in between cleans. It is an extra shield to defend against Covid-19.

What is the difference between microbes, viruses and bacteria?

Microbes are microscopic living organisms. There are three very different categories of pathogens (agents causing disease): yeasts and fungi, bacteria and viruses. Bacteria are single-celled organisms and can reproduce on their own by cell division (a mother cell produces two daughter cells). As for viruses, they are infectious agents that require a host to trigger their replication.

Does AMSbyNovacel contain nanoparticles?

The antimicrobial silver additives present in the NOVACEL product are not based on "silver nanoparticles".

Nanoparticles are generally particles smaller than 100 nm in size. Silver nanoparticles are typically 25 nm. Particles of these dimensions can be transferred from processed products to the environment. They are therefore suspected, because of their nanometric size, of being ""potentially toxic"" for humans and the environment.

Silver, the active ingredient of the NOVACEL product, consists of particles with an average size of 2 µm. This means that they are 80 times larger than silver nanoparticles. The microparticles in the NOVACEL product are incapable of crossing biological barriers. The NOVACEL product releases silver ions only “on demand” - i.e. only when in the presence of certain microbial species (such as the Coronavirus). Silver ions not absorbed by microbes cannot exist independently due to their high reactivity. They complex very quickly with other inorganic ions in the environment to form insoluble silver compounds.

Does AMSbyNovacel contain silver zeolites?

AMSby NOVACEL does not contain silver zeolites as is the case for some masks. Silver zeolites are classified as reprotoxic Repr. 2; H361d

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AMSbyNovacel is registered as a type TP02 biocide under French directive L.552-2 in the Environment Code as part of European Regulation (EU) No 528/2012. A biocide is a chemical substance whose purpose is to destroy, kill, expel, render harmless, prevent activity or control harmful organisms.

Use biocide product with precaution. Before usage, please read label and description about the product.

AMSbyNovacel has been registered in the Synapse/Simmbad databases with France's national food safety agency (ANSES).

In accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008 and its adaptations, the solution presents no risk for the environment.

In accordance with directives 67/548 / EEC, 1999/45 / EC and their adaptations, the solution presents no risk for health.

In accordance with directive 2002/72/EC - Regulatory Commission (EU) No. 10/2011, the active ingredient has been approved for “food contact”.

ASMbyNovacel is intended for professional use.

AMSbyNovacel is not a replacement for personal protective measures. It is a second line of defense, an extra barrier against harmful microbes. It can supplement standard cleaning regimes by providing continuous antimicrobial action (24/7).

AMSbyNovacel is an extra shield to barrier gestures.